In the summer of 2012, we had the idea...

... to make selling of used products just as easy as buying goods on the Internet. This idea captured us and therefore, we founded our company in September 2012 to make the selling of used electronic products easier, faster and safer.

From the beginning, our goal has been to arrange the products with the best quality of spare parts, where necessary. After a few years, we realized that we can only achieve these goals if we take our spare parts directly from the manufacturers and our technicians are continually trained according to the guidelines of the manufacturer.

We decided to abandon the unauthorized way at the end of 2014...

... and signed the relevant service contracts with Apple and Samsung in the subsequent months. Mid-2015 we completed this transition from a trade and repair company which obtained the spare parts on the open market to a specialist dealer for used electronic equipment.

Today we employ nearly 40 employees in 4 locations...

... in the Switzerland and Germany who process (purchase, sale, repair) more than 5,000 devices per month. We see this success as an obligation to further develop our services for you with the following objectives:

    - Sale of used, high-quality equipment that has been processed according to the guidelines of Apple and Samsung
    - To provide tailored life cycle solutions for corporate clients in order to ensure better cost control and optimization of your company equipment
    - 100% protection of your data and therefore we overwrite each device with a special deletion software. Of course without any consequential costs for you
    - Contribution to reducing pollution through the reuse of used equipment and the ecologically correct disposal of spare parts, batteries or defective devices.

Thank you for your trust in our services and if you are not our customer yet, put us to the test, we look forward to you!

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