The big chance lies in small things

In the midst of the current climate debate, one question arises above all: How can humans as individuals concretely contribute to the protection of our environment? The power to change lies in small things. In concrete terms, in the small electronic devices that fit in our pockets.

Buying used things reduces the ecological footprint

Give your device a second chance. In times when almost everyone owns several electronic devices, the second-hand market offers enormous potential. However, it only works if defective devices are not simply disposed of, but are professionally repaired and resold. The longer consumer goods live, the more the individual's ecological footprint is reduced in a sustainable way. Professional disposal is key, if an appliance can no longer be repaired. This is the only way to eliminate toxic materials. We will gladly do this for you!

And if nothing happens?

50 million tonnes of e-waste are produced worldwide every year. Unfortunately, disposal points are all too often bypassed by illegal reselling to Africa or Asia.

In a market like that of the electronics sector, which produces so many innovations every year and triggers a veritable buying frenzy among consumers with its new devices, the poorest countries must not become the final destination for our e-waste. Take responsibility and work together with us.