Optical condition


No signs of usage
Optically flawless, undamaged, no scratches. Looks like new.

Visible signs of usage
Normal, light, fine signs of usage on the housing or display that do not affect usage and are not visible when display is bright.

Palpable signs of usage
Somewhat heavier signs of usage, such as scratches or slight scuff marks that can be felt with the finger. Small notches or dents in the housing, discernible scratches on the display. No splits, cracks or damage.


No signs of usage

Visible signs of usage

Palpable signs of usage

All photos shown are examples.

Technical condition

The protection of your data and the quality of our used products are our highest priorities.

As a first step, we reset the device and overwrite the data several times with special software to prevent misuse.

Data deletion report.pdf

We then check the device and its functions completely. We carry out between 40 and 50 tests – some manual, some with software programs from Apple or Piceasoft. This standardised check and the comprehensive logging ensures that our devices work error-free.

If we encounter functional defects, or if the battery is too weak for Apple or Samsung guidelines, for instance, our certified Apple or Samsung technicians repair the damage or replace the battery as required.

Diagnostic report.pdf